making square bales Dec 11 2015 Problems with Square Bales You have to deliver the hay to the animals daily. Apr 09 2020 A good hay crop is defined by weather field conditions and plant reseeding as well as the farmer s timing and hard work. Bales especially higher moisture bales lose shape making them more difficult to wrap. An important factor to remember is to make bales the size and weight for the wrapper. 3 Feb 2019 The tines on those six wheels are constantly scooping up the hay and turning it over to dry underneath. . T he TOP L 888 is a baler designed to make quality hay bales with a pick up of 205 cm one of the largest pick up s on the market and a chamber of nbsp In FS 17 we can use the small baler for hay and straw but only for straw in FS 15. We make our hay in round bales. 00 . missouri. His 347JD wire tyer square baler is not making good square bales. Serial Number LARGE SQUARE BALE SPEAR. Round bales roll on uneven surfaces which I find annoying and I really like the autostack trailer for square bales. These balers will make bales that have less dense centers. Consider planting pumpkins or zucchini right in your compost pile. Baling small square Alberta 0. 100 bales x 50 acres 5000 bales of hay for 50 acres of land. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. 5 inch x 3. 3 Photos Small Saw a regular New Holland 310 square baler that had been retrofitted to make the little bales on display at Horse Progress Days in PA this year. Here 39 s how it works. 15 Feb 2019 You can bale hay on a small farm with a compact tractor. heres the thing go with whatever bale fits your needs be it round or the big square bales. The straw bale tomato plants I grew were some of the best and largest tomato plants Read more After the bales are arranged in your chosen configuration spread a generous layer of high nitrogen fertilizer on top of the bales. com Fill your wagon with bales as you make them with the optional Case IH BTX11 bale thrower available with the SB531 and SB541. Didn 39 t see the demo but they kept some of the bales out with it for display. Around here a 70 pound square bale can cost between 3 7. The other two ways to raise the efficiency is the bale Barron or bale bandit . 00 each only 89 left cash and carry. The bale case is longer by 12 inches to hold the bale longer maintaining bale shape and reducing bale length variations. Don 39 t know how much longer he 39 s gonna put up with me. Square bales contain 4 200 litres of straw or hay and round ones are 6 000 litres worth. The box baler is a simple affordable tool for baling grass or maize stover. 2 trucks chasing the square baler 300 bales made today and more to bale tomorrow Making hay while the sun shines Category All videos. jdrussellhay. Good quality pasture mix rye and clover. But given the previous questions are we stuck with round bales even though square are easier to work with Any insight would be appreciated. A round and square bale feeder that can be mounted on either a skidsteer loader front loader telehandler or 3 point hitch. 00 each only 170 left and 4x4 round hay bales 25. 7 Aug 2019 Saturday August 3 a few of us went up to the east field with the International Harvester 856 International small square baler and Wilson 39 s hay nbsp 26 Sep 2018 It 39 s time to get this hay baled Using our 1955 Oliver 50 square baler to complete the making hay series join us . The equipment costs to cut tet rake and large square bale are about 77 nbsp 31 Aug 2017 Baling hay goes a long way from making a field look good to the which creates the round or square bales you 39 ll often see in roadside fields. Stand the bales on their ends in threes so that they resemble an quot indian teepee quot . In most situations you will be feeding hay square bales twice a day. As the bales are lifted onto the deck a push mechanism on the carrier moves them to the back making room for the next bale to be picked up. We broke down the advantages of both types of hay bales round and nbsp 798 Results Browse our inventory of new and used Large Square Balers For Sale 2019 NEW HOLLAND BIG BALER 340 PLUS S at TractorHouse. 2. A three string bale weighs around 100 pounds and there are approximately 20 three string bales in a ton. Both make big square handling out of small square bales while pulling the small baler in the field Dec 07 2017 Common sense design quality components and precision engineering make the 998 square bale wrapper the trusted choice for contractors and farmers who demand high output and consistent performance in all conditions and terrain. The shape of the bale won t influence the nutrient content of the hay. Farmers often make stooks using two techniques. 24 Jul 2020 All the hay is processed into small square bales 40 50 pounds apiece perfectly suited for horse farms goat dairies and backyard livestock nbsp Holland led to the development of the modern small square hay baler that is still ranchers reducing the manual labor required to make or handle hay bales nbsp KUHN FBP 3135 this baler has two special features. On a 50 acre farm if you get 100 bales per acre you would get 5000 bales for a total net gain of 22 500. Small square or rectangular bales of nbsp hay bales You operate a small farm own a compact tractor and have decided you want to make your own hay. If you have a lot of hay bales it is more fun to make a hay bale maze than it is to put all the bales in the barn. 725 WOFLBS 432 832405 Loader Bale Spear to handle one Mid Size Square Bales. Consider this to create traditional square bales a picker needs to harvest the cotton and a hay baler needs to form the bales themselves. Hay bales also work but they carry a lot of seeds which may become a nuisance. The low speed hydraulic drive simply tears apart any large round or square bale directly into a small square baler converting large bales into 10 15 small square While small square bales are ideal for ease of feeding putting them up is more labor time and cost intensive than baling large round or large square bales. 50 22 500 Feb 09 2018 It depends on the weight of both the large round and small square hay bales. Dec 20 2018 Mini square bales posted in Alfalfa Hay Anyone here tried making and selling the mini squares I am wondering how the Messick mini balers perform. If you make silage in the silo then round bales have nothing on the square bales. The STACKPRO7200 farm hay trailer is an innovative system that incorporates square bale collecting and stacking for farmers who are conscious about saving time in the logistics of their bales all year round. Square Baler. 99 organic seeds nbsp 30 Jun 2017 One day in and driving the tractor is old hat for the farmer 39 s son. Baled straw with its rich gold color adds warm earthy accents for floral designs centerpieces or home decorations. Bales are a means of stocking either straw or hay for later use. 55 1 bale 0. 50 that would be 5000 bales x 4. Franklin. 50 22 500 I knocked the bale length down to 28 in. 5. Over the first growing season the bales will settle and decompose a bit adding nutrients to the thriving garden inside. Dec 30 2018 For the record this comes from someone new to FS starting with this game. The smaller of the two the Mini has a total width of only 66 inches making it the narrowest baler in the compact square baler class. An opened stack of square bale haylage. Removable spears are forged and tapered to make piercing compacted bales easier. We put a round bale out for our three mares putting it on pallets and using a hay ring cuts down on the waste quite a bit and it will last from 7 days in the dead of winter to 14 days Bales should be moved to the storage area immediately. If left too long they will begin to heat and lose feed value. Small square bale s of hay weigh about 50 to 65 pounds on average. Just a talker. Apr 22 2020 The most common problem with hay balers involves twine knotting issues. It converts in just a few minutes allowing custom accumulating of square bales that have already been baled and on the ground. The smaller size makes them convenient for carrying. Jul 11 2011 If need be a guy could make one pass down the quot windrow quot with the rake. Heavier bales have more problems with plastic tears and holes while wrapping stacking and in storage. You could only sell them or use a bale wrapper to make silage. They can be used as adorable table centerpieces to add a country touch to a party or made into a decorative tableau. wide on flare and offset 25. Oct 07 2019 The only difference between square and round bales is the type of machinery used. Jun 14 2010 Our baler is in the field right now. Russell Hay and Straw Inc. Also another dead giveaway is the sheer size of the knotter itself. Jun 25 2020 The baler in the plans is to be used in making a bale of pine straw but it works just fine to bale our mixed grass hay. 09 per hour or 15. Following is a list of the types of hay that I offer Alfalfa Teff grass hay Straw bales long stemmed 8 to over 16 very bright wheat straw 7 per 45 lb. Bale to a uniform bale diameter needed to exclude air where bales come together when using in line tube wrappers. I run a NH 273 and after first cutting we double the windrows from a NH 499 haybine. 53 watching nbsp Conventional small bales are easy to weigh. Each small square bale is made with 14 strokes of the plunger. Not too bad if your entire year s worth of hay amounts to 100 small square bales. Folks who make hay on a small scale often simply stack the dried forage usually out of the nbsp 28 May 2019 Step 4 making the hay bales. com Miniature hay bales can be made in just about any size and are a great addition to any harvest themed party. 79 per square bale. Just about everything that could be done has been done. 2. S. Is the round bale a source of good quality hay for your horse Round bales certainly are convenient. Plastic wrap is often easier to work with in the cooler temperatures and higher humidity of night or early morning as opposed to a hot afternoon. 00 Round or square bales farm hay trailer Anderson produce strong reliable and efficient farm hay trailers that adapt themselves to any kind of tractor and field. We recommend 4 layers for Silage and 6 layers for Haylage some customers choose to go the extra and have 8 layers Mar 15 2016 Square versus rounded cotton bales comes down to a question of equipment. 55 1 bale. 00 12. bales in 21 bale Bale Barron bundles. How to Make Mini Hay Bales eHow. They cost a lot more than round. So that kinda negates the need for round bales at all far as I can see. The technology to make large round bales has taken a job that might take three or four people and made it a one person job. May 26 2015 A standard square bale with an Abbriata square bale on right Abbriata square balers are available in two sizes. If made wetter the bales can become unmanageable and difficult to handle. Can make either small or large square bales. Principal difference is the geometry of the bales and the common opinion is that square bales provide more dense storage. In many areas of the U. Built to handle round bales up to 6 or square bales up to 8 our Bedder can make quick bedding for your livestock out of dry hay baleage straw soybean stubble or even corn stubble. C. 1 41. edu Oct 26 2016 Not laughing at you mind but the reversal amuses me. Apr 29 2019 Whether you re baling small square bales for your own use or to sell commercially one of the most critical factors in producing a better hay bale is retaining moisture. 50 50. If we do the math that works out to be. Baled December 2019 shedded same day. Wrap in Small Square Hay Bales. Hay is usually stored in round or square bales that are created with modern machinery. It is also less work at feeding time. Just stacked it on the field edge. would it work better like this another question i have is that i was thinking about making an octagon but i If the hay producer s customers are sizable cattle farms large round bales make sense. We are however the first to admit that the plans are rather vague. 4 cm 10 in. Aug 30 2017 Larger mini hay bales can also be made and used as decoration in the garden or as handy seats at outdoor parties and barbecues. Each bale weighs 800lbs. Wrap it up. If moisture in bales is quite high these bales can be quite heavy. Big Tractor Power follows AGCO brand machines as they produce 25 000 small square bales of straw for the horse and construction market. A hay bale maze is like the mazes that aristocratic Europeans cut in hedges in bygone centuries only a lot simpler easier to rearrange and with a country flair. Commercial mini hay balers are also available for turning out large amounts of mini hay bales. If stacks are kept small 21 35 round bales or 20 40 square bales placing the plastic will be easier and problems with ice and snow during winter feed out will be minimized. Nov 19 2019 making some 4 quot x6 quot square bales. I couldn 39 t use my elevator but it is such a small amount it wasn 39 t too bad. A relatively inexpensive and effective storage technique is to place hay on rock pads. Professionals put their trust in BC5000 model balers because they make consistently dense well shaped bales that are easy to handle. Unless you purchase a hay accumulator bales must be picked up from the field and stacked in a barn by hand. If you handle lots of large square bales the Frontier AB17K Large Square Bale Squeeze will leave the bales in good shape even after being handled several times. BW28 SELF PROPELLED BALE WAGON 11 03 05 07 Find your square bale loader easily amongst the 14 products from the leading brands on AgriExpo the agricultural machinery and equipment specialist for your professional purchases. To recall the previous example for a small square baler to match the output of the large square baler it has to make 30 bales which means stopping for the baler to finish 30 The Bale Band It is an automatic small square bale packaging machine. The North Carolina Forestry Service 39 s leaflet on how to build a simple box baler got me enthused about nbsp No matter their size and shape making high quality bales that preserve hay Custom baler Reuben Wood turns out around 20 000 large square bales and up nbsp 24 Dec 2019 Some hay producers who still prefer making large square bales have invested in bale processors that slice and dice the big bales into small nbsp A baler or hay baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress deciding to continue putting up square bales as they make feeding and bedding in confined areas stables barns etc. A John Deere tractor makes hay with a small square hay baler. JMHO but compact and subcompact tractors can 39 t handle the large square bales from 900 to 1500 lbs not because of power and lift capacity but because of awkward center of gravity the bale presents. Five different models to accommodate round and large square hay bales. Pictured CBV48F Make Offer John Deere 348 Square Baler with hay bales 1 16 Scale 45220 Vintage Tru Scale 1 16 Farm Toy Hay Bailer Excellent Condition Working Gorgeous 140. 6. Yes the first baler does round bales and the second larger and more expensive baler does square bales. When you have allergies like most of my crew handling the square bales can make one miserable. Rollers have been replaced. Small square balers use a knot strength twine ranging from 130 to 190 pound force lbf . The straw and hay bale symbolizes hard work and the harvest time of the year. Square bales are less time consuming to make due to the fact they continuously feed out of the machine round bales have to be manually ejected every time it fills . 269 NH SQUARE BALER 08 64 06 68 270 NH SQUARE BALER 08 61 07 63 Self Propelled Bale Wagon. Where a typical square bale weighs 50lbs. 88 12. Compare Frontier Large Square Bale Squeeze. I can round bale my balls off work alone and barely leave the tractor seat. I did about 150 bale test run. This is a two machine job but is often not problematic since farmers ideally have both machines on their property anyway. This bale arrangement allows you to completely fill your 9 x24 wagon. and yes theres the issue of needing a 175hp tractor Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for Antique 12 Iron Hay Bale Meat Hook Square Handle Rustic Cabin Decoration at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products Our Accumulator can gather 10 bales of hay into one easy to manage row. For example if the round bale weighs 1 000 pounds then it equals 20 of your 50 pound small square bales. to the right of the bale case. If your hay is windrowed and ready you might be able to make about eight or more 60 pound bales an hour with this tool. Aug 27 2013 There is beauty in hay bales and today I just happened to get lost right next to a farmer making hay bales so grabbed the opportunity to film it Nov 18 2014 4. Comparisons should only be made based on tons. We currently stack on flat rack wagons nbsp Ideal for the baling of all kinds of material bales from hay and straw haylage and silage right through to vine cuttings. Storing these bales presents a different set of challenges than storing large round bales. a fairly tight bale came in around 65 lbs. The preferred option for retrieving small square bales. 3000 Bales of Small Square Bermuda 180. May 04 2017 Demand is ever increasing for small square bales however over the years the labor market and demographics have changed making smaller bales less profitable and more time consuming to produce. Horses are also more vulnerable than cows to the molds that grow in the Putting up square bales is more labor intensive. Reply nbsp 22 Feb 2016 If the bale has not dried out enough it will turn into a hot compost heap that could start a fire Storing Hay bales are transported and stored. Farmers can harvest hay more quickly in large round bales which can be rebaled later into more marketable smaller square bales for the equine and small nbsp If only every bale we made turned out like this The steps to making high value hay are straightforward Start with a good full stand of healthy plants Cut it at the nbsp Currently we make about 7500 small square bales of hay and straw total in a year for our dairy farm. Round bales weigh 850 to 1 100 pounds and there are 2. 8 round bales per ton. Add more fertilizer every couple of days spreading it generously then soak the bales each time. Tried to make. The 145 square bales valued at 3. 1 out of 5 stars 20 10. . Aug 30 2012 4. Horse owners for example often lack the equipment needed to work with ton bales. Uniform bale size is needed to ensure tight stacks and for shipping. The Massey Ferguson square balers have been the best IMO. Large square bales could weigh 800 pounds and have the same amount of hay as 20 to 40 Medium square bales 800 to 1000 lb are increasingly being used across the northern dairy regions to reduce the labor associated with hay and haylage making. Latest Videos. In a worst case scenario with round bales costing 45 and wages at 13 per hour the break even price for square bales would be about 3 per bale. Key points about hay making Make sure there are no major weeds in it like ragwort thistles and docks. In the past it has always taken multiple people to feed. The biggest challenge when dealing with small square hay bales is that processing so many smaller bales is inefficient when compared to simply making one huge bale. In order to reduce the amount of labor required in making square bales they can be left in groups in the field as opposed to laying where they are discharged out of the baler. All Ecocert Certified organic. We put several thousand bales through our 1838 last year and just as many if not more through our new 1840 with no problems whatsoever. 88 10 . Convenience is also a major factor in farmers deciding to continue putting up square bales as they make feeding and bedding in confined areas stables barns etc. Customers also need to be able to handle those bales they may work for dairies but not the Hi i d like to make a barn for goats of around 150 200 square meters so because it is a bigger construction than a house and needs greater height for animal ventilation i was thinking about using big bales of 250 120 70 dimension. The apparatus provides means for cutting the bales into at least two slabs preferably three slabs and means for cutting those slabs into two approximately equal pieces. Bale movers are available in a variety of models to suit square and round bales. small square bales is that usually round bales are kept outside and small bales are kept inside at least around here they are. Hay Feed Seed Flasher ND. Jan 15 2019 The belts will make bales of more consistent density throughout the bale and of greater density important for baleage than a fixed chamber baler. An apparatus is provided for processing large hay bales of approximately 750 kg to produce smaller recompacted manageable units to facilitate shipping in containers. The baler has its own hydraulic pump for . Square Bale Spinner For the last several years my father and I have been coming up with a way to make feeding our cattle with large square bales a one person operation. Small square bales made up of grass hay like timothy may weigh only around 60 to 75 lbs whereas one made up of alfalfa that is clean and nicely compacted can weigh upwards of 130 lbs. Tractorspotter 2 271 254 views See full list on qualitysilage. quot It lets us make small bales when we have more time. Square hay bales do not require a tractor or more than one person to either lift to store or to feed unless they weigh close to 70 pounds or more. Last year Simpson used his invention to unroll 7 000 big round bales making a total of 140 000 small square bales with his stationary baler. You cut dry and bale straw and hay during the growing season this makes it easy to store and use for feed over the long winter months. Round bales pay less but not that much less and they make fast work of big fields. Square straw bales are an eco friendly way to build a temporary or permanent landscape retaining wall. Depending on the model medium square bales large square bales and even round bales can be wrapped. much May 07 2020 Making the Case for the new large square bale accumulator May 7 2020 Crops. May 30 2014 The first and most important step is to figure out a method to keep bales from making contact with the soil. 48 Bales of Large Square Organic Alfalfa. Mini straw and hay bales are sold at craft decorating stores farm markets and pet stores with increased profit margins of 1000 2000 percent over traditional bales. 4 to 1. Watch Make an Offer. Most times bales are made shorter especially if sausage wrapped amp the common length is 180cm 6 foot. It was brought by Esch Hay Equipment of Strasburg PA phone 717 687 0321. The first feature you don 39 t have to put a bale on the ground after you make one it can be stored at the back nbsp 12 Apr 2019 Making square bales by hand. This is particularly important with round bales as it helps them shed moisture but it also improves stacking attributes of square bales. 580 220 7216 B. Straw bales are normally yellow and hay bales are green. 00 each only 300 left small square straw bales 3. 00 for net could be more exact but its close enough for me . Square Bale Silage is best made between 45 and 55 dry matter. Pros Non stop on the baler to unload More bales on the stacker Able to carry more square bales on a loader telehandeler than round This is a big problem with making small square bales especially with new inexperienced hay makers. They are less expensive than square bales. KUHN brings cost efficient ecologic and ergonomic bale wrapping solutions with a complete range of reliable square and round bale wrappers. Unless the farmer has a square bale picker all bales must be picked up off of the field by hand and stacked in storage by hand. Western winter wheat weathered winter well May 7 2020 Crops. Sometimes straw or The Bale Baron accumulates and packages small square bales into bundles secured with twine. Quality stretch wrap protects the hay from exposure to the weather elements which rob the hay of nutrients. Farmer 39 s Weekly nbsp There are many factors that go into making a decision about which type of baler best fits a particular agricultural operation. Dec 19 2015 Making round bales requires fewer passes over the field and less time fuel and twine compared to making square bales. Smaller tractors are just unstable enough without trying to figure how to evenly lift a large square bale. This leaves more of the potential marketplace to the relatively few who have stayed the course and can provide large quantities of small square bales to hay Oct 29 2012 The haydogs are the fingers that stick into the bale chamber on top and bottom to hold the hay back. Fence posts pallets or old tires can keep bale bottoms drier and reduce loss. 00 Bale. If the bale has been left for a long time the bottom of the bale could be bad. On our farm we bale our hay into small square bales nbsp 18 Apr 2013 Follow drive directional arrows on the baler monitor to make sure hay is fed consistently across the width of the bale chamber so bales have nbsp 15 Mar 2015 One of the most critical factors in making quality dry hay is timing. They have the same volume as square bales there isn 39 t a vanilla selfloading trailer for them the two available balers require you to stop your tractor perioidically as it doesn 39 t continue to load baling material while the old bale is being Last year Simpson used his invention to unroll 7 000 big round bales making a total of 140 000 small square bales with his stationary baler. The Anderson Industries Bale Caddie reduces the labor required for the manufacturing of small bales making this more profitable and less time consuming We understand and we can handle that situation for you with our skid steer Bale Bedder. 7 Oct 2017 www. Round bales present few storage issues. 25 each or 471. Monitor bale density. Large Round bales are harder to handle than square bales but compress the hay more tightly. Taking orders for small straw square bales small straw square bales will help load and delvery available great for bedding will come from a 7720 John Deere combine made in 2019 thanks Hay Feed Seed Zeeland ND Jul 11 2011 The square bales we buy orchard fescue mix are 6. Apr 18 2013 Whether you choose large round large square or small square bales making high quality bales that preserve hay quality maximize protection from the weather and are easy to store or transport boils down to following a few rules. Beloit Kansas 70. Oct 25 2016 The second factor playing into the small square bale price premium is simply that there are fewer farmers making them. This hand operate hay baler can bale materials on such as hay straw or leafs plastic paper cardboard farm waste etc. Make sure the haydogs are free and not stuck up out of the bale chamber. Text There is a lot of discussion about feeding round bales vs square bales of hay. Small square bales when did they begin making them posted in Tractor Talk I had never notice or maybe thought about it is more correct till I got involved in hay never paid attention the square hay bales in the barns in the old westerns. If you want to have You can make silage from grass bales just wrap grass round bales. This makes a windrow that keeps the baler full and helps with the consistency of the bales. Baling small square Alberta 0. From your second panel you would have enough left over to make more end pieces for more feeders. There is a lot of discussion about feeding round bales vs square bales of hay. It takes quite a few small square bales to equal the feeding power of a large round bale. May 14 2012 The primary markets for small square bales are for high quality hay. Dec 01 2016 Making silage with bales isn 39 t a good idea imho. Look for signs that your bale is ready for planting. Square bales are the easiest shape to stack and with an average weight of around 40 pounds for an Abbriata square bale are easy to lift and move around. Thanks for the replies Jan 06 2020 Rather it ties one knot to finish off the bale it just completed followed by a second knot to start the next bale in the chamber. The pickup is 188 cm 74 in. Spray vapor molecules tinier than micron size See full list on extension2. I 39 m a bit unclear as to what the point of round bales are in the vanilla game. They nbsp 25 Jul 2012 First each row of hay is raked to 39 fluff 39 up the hay making it easier for the baler to pick it up. Sep 06 2013 Here was the thought on 50 acres you would get 100 square bales per acre which is a conservative number. Demand is ever increasing for quality small square bales of hay and straw. Contact a dealer for more information. One side is tight and the other other side is loose. Fortunately the Chief is a handy guy with a lot of building experience and he figured it out. cost per bale bales per acre gallons of fuel used And if you charged for the job you can figure how much you made per hour for what you got paid We generally figure 0. One choice you need to make if you re baling rounds is whether you want net wrap or twine. Find New Baling Machines Making Square Bales stock images in HD and millions of other royalty free stock photos illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Resale. Nov 14 2019 There are three main types of bales that can be made for feeding livestock small square bales large square bales and large round bales. One bale maximum. This will help prepare the bale and make it a rich environment for your plants to grow in. When outdoors the sun rain and dust make the outer layer of round bales useless and waste. Shown with optional 831095 Upright Kit 198 lbs. Dec 10 2015 Salting damp green square bales posted in Machinery I have read on here about people putting salt between the layers of bales when stacking in the barn I put some hay in the barn with a NH balewagon and the bales are questionable thought about restacking with the grapples and putting some salt on them so how much salt and what kind of salt maybe get a bag of the salt that we give to cows Bales stacked in two or three layers provide sufficient area for composting although you could get away with just one layer if lifting the bales is a challenge. please call and leave a message Jan 29 2016 Making Baling forage into small square bales is time consuming and labor intensive. the hay from drying properly and causes it to clog as it enters the baler. Lay two bales horizontally on their edge so that they lean into each other at the top edge. We are doing this with equipment we already had. 5 obo for some good ones and take less for others New 2020 HH FABRICATION LARGE SQUARE BALE SPEAR Fork For Sale In Winsted Minnesota. 8 m working width 4000 lb. 5 feet. Figure 7. No positive results. In practice an often argument about round bales is May 18 2018 Well if you read the DIY Square Bale Slow Feeder article you know that our paddock was set up for square bales not round. It seems that there is getting to be a fair amount of guys that round bale it store inside and then re bale it in small squares . If you want that beautiful green color and fresh hay smell that s so important I recommend using a crop preservative so you can bale higher moisture hay. Constructed of heavy duty 3 x 3 x steel frame Four 32 German tempered SHW steel conus tines on the bottom Spears are guaranteed for one year Heavy duty universal mounting brackets. What s more they can be mounted on any loader and offer years of maintenance free service. After all it may start out in the field as the same great hay you get in a square bale. 3 250. There are three haydogs on top of the bale case right below the knotter stack and there are two haydogs under the bale chamber. Making square bales https youtu. Optional uprights 831095 are required to handle two bales. Most wrappers have an optimum length for bales of 4 to 6. Instead here s a short clip of some of the Comparison Round Bales vs. Its high speed and smooth transitions allow to easily carry and stack bales. Brown entered his hay ma chine in the Mid America Alfalfa Expo in Hastings Neb. We have fed square bales and round bales. The disadvantages of a square baler are Weight. The high fertility heat and moisture make a straw bale bin the perfect place to grow this year 39 s pumpkin crop. 00. I have grass lying about in my farm an I want to clean up and sell the bales. RFQ 126 RFV 119 Alfalfa 3rd cutting with grass. Call text for more. Bale size is usually not more than 40 to 50 pounds in order to make it easy to handle. Related Videos. Pictured BSV48F One 49 Conus II forged main spear Two machine pointed 1 1 2 stabilizers. Stretch wrapping wet bales reduces dependence on favorable weather conditions for making quality in quantity plus the convenience of outdoor round bale storage. You just need to know how. It 39 s the perfect solution for any hay producer who wants to bring in the crop fast but needs to supply his market for square bales quot he notes. Round bales tend to roll down hill the transporter tipper dumps them in a vertical manner making them harder to pick up with a fork and are just generally harder to work with. Large square bales Rectangular bales generally 3x3x8 feet in size and weighing 600 to 700 pounds are easy to use as they break off in flakes like small square bales. lt gt Oct 02 2007 Instant bale feeder for about 40. A key factor in when to bale hay is stem moisture according to Michael Thomas a rancher near Salmon ID who also does custom hay harvesting. 5 inch Hay Bale Bundle of 3 3. If the baling string does not remain tight the bale will separate making it a massive pain to lift. Bales have to be 35 inches long with a tolerance of plus or minus 1 inch. Until I do a little more research I am sticking with square ones since the round ones were virtually useless in FS 15. Given the weather there will be no work bee at the site tonight. Maybe you 39 re tired of paying high prices for hay. 00 square hay bales 4 McKenzie lt image 1 of 5 gt condition new make manufacturer horse goat live stock hay size dimensions 40 quot long x 18 quot wide x Nov 18 2008 In fact newer JD square balers are actually worse due to the cost cutting that 39 s been going on in the past 15 years. Square bales may generally weather better than round bales because a more much dense stack can be put up. For a square feeder I think you would need to buy 2 panels so you could have the two 12 39 sections and then cut two 3 39 or so sections for your ends to make a rectangle for the big squares. Located northwest of Mandan on highway 25 near Harmon lake turnoff. is a family owned company in Northwest Ohio that is dedicated to making horse hay for nbsp 29 Apr 2019 Whether you 39 re baling small square bales for your own use or to sell commercially one of the most critical factors in producing a better hay bale nbsp The baler in the plans is to be used in making a bale of pine straw but it works just fine to bale our mixed grass hay. The grass bales weigh 60 pounds while the alfalfa bales scale 70 pounds. Making square bales the hard way. Our bale clamps offer an inexpensive method of moving small square bales of hay. The 998 is a unique square bale wrapper and it has the ability to move three bales at one time through its conveyor system. Aug 01 2013 I noticed that you have to bale very slow in most cases. 32 kg Easy operation from your tractor seat The making of big square hay bales even though they 39 re not square since they are 4 39 x 4 39 x 8 39 . This can be a number of signs including mushrooms growing from your bale and a dark and warm center that is visible when you poke your finger into it. Our nearest JD is 70 miles away and doesn 39 t know the answer. I did look it up and found horse powered balers were used in the late 1800s but some of those shows were suppose to be way before then. If he s selling to small livestock farms 50 pound square bales are the better option. 1814 kg capacity Apr 17 2020 Bales of hay vary in size from 40 to 2 000 pounds. 00 Bale Fertilized Wynnewood Oklahoma Horse quality clean sprayed and fertilized Midland 99 Bermuda grass small square bales in 21 bale bundles. now for the cost issue a new 5 by 6 round baler cost pretty well over 40 000 new. Square A three or four spike loader fork is recommended for the large bales which usually measure about 120cm x 90cm x 240cm long and weigh about 550 600kg although the small bales are easy to Compare Frontier Large Square Bale Squeeze. last winter where it placed first in the invention contest. If it is made drier than this there is a greater possibilityof the ensiling process not properly taking place. Appearance is important in this market so protecting the hay from sun bleaching is important as well. D. We use nbsp 24 Nov 2011 THIS year is another nightmare year for hay baling in most regions. 110 in. com Large square balers pack more hay into each bale than small square balers making nbsp Most hay is stored as bales with small square bales weighing 40 70 pounds The plunger also cuts the ends of the hay to make the bale an uniform size. The quality of our horse hay is Premium. Modern bale movers are designed with grabbers to pick up bales placed on the ground. Large round bales are quite popular among many livestock producers especially those who raise beef cattle and the largest type of bale a producer can make to feed livestock. Hence round bales are often more economical. Small square bales are usually loaded on a truck and then handled many times so they need to be nbsp 11 Jan 2019 To recall the previous example for a small square baler to match the output of the large square baler it has to make 30 bales which means nbsp 1 Mar 2018 Most smaller farmers buy hay from another supplier rather than creating their own bales for their livestock. 2020 Square brome bales for sale baled July 27th put in storage July 28th Have 250 bales can put up more if needed. Jul 11 2020 The density of large square bales requires more drying than small square bales or even large rounds. If you want to turn compost regularly stack straw bales to form three sides of a square or rectangular shape leaving the fourth side open for access. They also make an ideal wall for mazes and don t require a lot of skill or specialized Smaller Bales Bigger Profits. Stack small square bales into a triangular stook using 3 bales on edge. Narrow channel strippers positioned closely together help preserve leaves and short material to add more quality to the bale. Need them gone asap to make room for more bales. I was using a small square baler and the windrows were pretty big so I had a hard time to keep the baler where I wanted it. It features two 96 inch arms that hydraulically squeeze the bale 39 s sides. Why have most of hay producers changed from making small square bales to large round bales It is primarily due to the labor requirements for making the smaller bales. 1814 kg capacity Nov 05 2016 Square bale feeder made from old door window pallet. Jul 16 2013 Seasoning the bales is important before you start. Round bales are a whole nother ball game. Results 1 48 of 208 Claas Rollant 46 Round Baler Bailer For Tractor Hay Straw Bales PLUS VAT. Triple spears have useable length of 42 spaced 26 1 2 apart. Maize Chopping Baling and Wrapping in one pass New Holland FX60 amp Agronic multibaler NI 39 J Holthoes Duration 7 18. you d be hard pressed to find even one. 308 633 8400 LJIF Thanksgiving Fall Harvest Autumn Fall Decorations Straw Bales 2 1 2 Inch x 2. At a price of 4. Others assume nbsp 6 Sep 2013 I actually went out and looked for each piece of equipment to make sure Here was the thought on 50 acres you would get 100 square bales nbsp 24 Jun 2012 Last year we paid about 6. Operators who custom bale especially for horse farms are big fans of New Holland square balers. Square bales of hay are less economical for feeding. Square bales require me to basically be a quot squatter quot at a customer 39 s barn. Hay is made from cut and dried grass. Hydraformatic four way bale tension allows for increased bale density to make the heaviest bales possible with the turn of one knob. See All Bale Accumulators Movers For Sale near you By Frank Implement Company 69361. The round bales can weigh 1000 pounds or more. 50 and the round bales same mix are 60 so even at 14 bales a round bale is a big savings in our case. small bale in 21 bale bundles 70 Alfalfa 30 Teff grass. Now get planting Bales of wheat straw oat straw or alfalfa straw work best. The KUHN SW square and round bale wrappers are available as mounted or trailed version. Thousands of new high quality pictures added every day. and said round baler will be wore out after 15000 bales or so. Easy to handle bales. They re humungous and heavy making them hard to move hard to store and hard to cover unless you re already equipped to do so. The baler pumped out the bales and nbsp 19 Sep 2019 Does that mean that making hay in 2020 will be a gold mine large square bales that maximise freight and handling efficiencies for all. As mentioned above the bales help keep the heat and moisture fairly consistent. Square A number of bale packing systems for waste are offered on the market. Round bales have the same amount of hay as about twenty square bales. Instead here s a short clip of some of the Dec 10 2015 Salting damp green square bales posted in Machinery I have read on here about people putting salt between the layers of bales when stacking in the barn I put some hay in the barn with a NH balewagon and the bales are questionable thought about restacking with the grapples and putting some salt on them so how much salt and what kind of salt maybe get a bag of the salt that we give to cows Sep 11 2020 we do nothing but large square bales they weigh close to 1800 they have 84 to 90 flakes in them than you can break each flake in half to and they hold darn goo we usually if we are feedin the whole bale set it on top of the ring cut the strings and let it fall in and with squares we can get about 2 bales to fit in a ring compared to only fittin one round i loved them Making square bales the hard way. 68 per bale for a neighbour to make large round bales. FOR SALE Small 50 60 lb. This. Fixed chamber balers are mechanically simpler as they don t need the mechanism that varies the chamber size as the bale grows. Prices vary greatly depending on location and availability. ROUND BALE WRAPPING For haylage and silage bales once baling has been completed they will need to be wrapped with agri plastic wrap to the required nr of layers to make the bales air tight for storage for use in the winter. If making hay these bales need to have 2 to 3 less moisture at baling than Jun 09 2020 Square Bales. Large square bales have a higher density and don 39 t quot squat quot and stretch the plastic wrap so they are more forgiving of delayed wrapping up to 24 hours. With several options available our Bale Bedder can meet your needs. The bundles can be handled multiple times in and out of storage and retain their original shape. Got roughly 120 small square alfalfa bales. Viewers will see a 20 Dec 02 2019 Square bales are more expensive because of how labor intensive the making of the bales are. A small square baler will make hay bales that weight from 40 to 60 pounds able to be lifted by one person. Jan 01 2020 Loader Bale Spear. Also is there a good market for the minis . Hay Handling Forged Bale Spears. To make his own square bale accumulator a farmer can modify an old silage wagon. Follow drive directional arrows on the baler monitor to make sure hay is fed consistently across the width of the bale chamber so bales have square shoulders. If the large round bale weighs 1 200 pounds and the small square bales weigh 40 pounds then one large round hay bale would be equal to 30 small square bales. Rated at 4 000 lbs for handling single Larger Square bales. Using our patented X series feeding system which processes every type of round or square bale with ease minimizing feed waste and simplifying operation. The bale case is 19 thicker than the standard BC5070 for increased durability. Farm hay trailer and wrapper 2 in 1 WRAPTOR. The sun may evaporate moisture on the outside of the bale making stems brittle. New Holland bales are the only choice for hand feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. Smooth reliable hydraulic drive throws the bales Handles bales up to 38 in 965 mm long and up to 70 lb. 21 per round bale or 0. We 39 re planning to make about 600 small bales and then do the rest in large. where as the big square baler may cost 100 000 or more buty will last 2 or 3 times as long as the round baler. 50 per 4 x 5 round bale for twine or 1. It is the only significant improvement in the elimination of square baler problems since and stacking equipment by making a more uniform and compact bale. This article is aimed at farmers making small or large square bales that nbsp 25 Jun 2013 About 10 12 square bales make a round bale which means it 39 s an option best suited for small farms large farms would not find small bales nbsp 11 Jun 2014 These are just a few of the features that come equipped on John Deere 39 s three small square baler models 328 338 348 making them nbsp 1 May 2015 Anyone seen any videos or pictures of a small square bale handler made Could you make a small grapple to stack them on a pickup on edge nbsp . citation needed However they don 39 t shed water as round bales do. 2020 08 27 11 29 19. Look for bales bound with synthetic twine which won t break down. Hustler s newly designed Chainless XR1500 is the most simple and cost effective solution to break down large round bales ready for re baling into small conventional square bales. 18 Jun 2019 Baleage is made in round bale and big square hay packages so some people assume it is very similar to making dry hay. We had about 25 acres of hay mown turned 3 times and nbsp 22 Jul 2013 Having forgotten what it 39 s like making hay as over the last few weeks of We make round bales too but so many still want small bales. Make 2019 the year you bring haying independence to nbsp 2 Oct 2019 Hay making is the process of turning green perishable forage into a product The dried hay should ideally be stored in form of bales when the nbsp 31 Jan 2018 Small square bales when did they begin making them posted in Tractor Talk I had never notice or maybe thought about it is more correct till nbsp Farm Life Making Money Water Machines Crops Pests amp Weeds World Events Hay alfalfa grasses clover or legumes is a great source of protein for Later the baler was put on wheels so it could be taken to the hay rather than the other nbsp Remember make a few test bales a few trial bales will give the final answer to your question of When should I bale You are baling too soon if the crop wraps nbsp Do your market research first before you make the hay. Models TRB1000 RBM1400 RBM2000 RBMPRO2000 STACKPRO5400 TSR3450 STACKPRO7200 and WRAPTOR. I don 39 t feel the quality is as good as a large square or round bale. Also bale size and weight need to be compatible with tractor and loader capacity. Miniature hay or straw bales add a festive look to Halloween and Thanksgiving craft displays. Handles bales from 32 to 44 long Bundle dimensions are 84 wide and 96 to 132 long The 18 bale group has a 17 time savings advantage over the 15 bale as the grab contains 20 more bales it reduces the number of packs by 17 . Quantity 1. Mar 01 2018 You can easily get 4. Total reports 5 Surveyed Fall 2016. 55 1 bale Total reports 5 Surveyed Fall 2016 Hay hauling small square 1060 bales load Aug 21 2011 Another thing to consider with round bales vs. 25 resulted in an increase net revenue of 114. Hay hauling small square 1060 bales load nbsp The square bale auto stacker has a much higher capacity. It can transport up to 108 square bales per hour. If you are selling your hay most customers will prefer the familiar shape and easy feeding flakes of a square bale. They are surprisingly not bad to handle . nbsp Let 39 s assume a 2 ton yield of first cutting dry timothy hay 5 large square bales per acre . About how many squares one might get from a big bale I know there is alot of variables to that formula The rye stems are not that big so it might make a good square bale but the stems will be flat from being rolled tight in the big bale for awhile. Collection in person. It 39 s the perfect solution for any hay producer who wants to bring in the crop fast but needs to supply his market with square bales quot he notes. They are built to handle stacks of bales up to three layers high and 4 5 bales wide. We are however the first to admit that the nbsp The basic method of making hay is cut rake turn dry bale. Medium square bales 800 to 1000 lb are increasingly being used across the northern dairy regions to reduce the labor associated with hay and haylage making. small square hay bales small straw bales 4x4 round bales hay 3 Harrisvill Michigan For sale 2019 first cutting small square bales of hay at 3. Though different methods of hay and straw harvesting over the years have evolved small square bales are still a choice for those seeking a premium and easy handling product for small farms ranches specialty livestock and the landscaping industry. Square bales are made with the Krone Big Pack 1290 Square Baler and the round ones with the Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler. Wrap bales in plastic within 2 hours to exclude air using at least 6 mils of plastic and 50 overlap and 50 to 55 stretch. If you grow vine or climbing crops make sure to plan for space for them to adequately grow. It automatically packages 21 small square bales into a large bundle that can be handled by a front end loader. They 39 re not round . This choice is largely dependant on your baler. If making hay these bales need to have 2 to 3 less moisture at baling than small square bales to avoid molding and heating. 00 each only 13 left also 5x5 round hay bales for 35. 50 or more per small square bale of hay because very few farms make small square bales and they are highly desired for feeding horses and other livestock. 4. Nonetheless there are customers such as horse owners that still need square bales. Taking small square bales directly from the baler the Bale Band It stacks the bales 3 high and 7 deep creating a 21 bale bundle that can be handled with standard loader attachments. The mass per square inch is so much greater in the big bales and also there is less surface area for continued drying. Farmers who need to make large amounts of hay are likely to choose balers which produce much larger bales maximizing the amount of hay which is protected from the elements. The bundle is comprised of 36 inch bales and is specifically designed to fit into van trailers. be eF0cUMAkF34 hrz4x4 2016 Storage of Square Bales Dan Undersander and Tim Wood University of Wisconsin and William Foster Consultant. Let us make comparison and find out what is better. This is our way of making square bales from round bales. With the round bales you use the tractor to move the hay. com J. Water in the fertilizer making sure to saturate every bale every day for several days. The most common reason for this is nbsp 2 Dec 2019 Forage is a necessity for horses making up the majority of their diet. Good heavy contractor bales approximately 50mm higher than standard bale. Make sure you space them as recommended them to allow some air movement. 55 1 bale 0. This past winter feeding time was very difficult. Also check that the springs are not broken. See options. This round bale is partially covered with net wrap which is an alternative to twine . Some do have foxtail in them and corn leaves. You can obtain hay and straw at many garden stores and at farm and feed supply stores. making square bales